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The area around ORA is best known for Everglades National Park and its Gulf Coast Visitor Center in Everglades City, only three miles north of the park. But we're also home to The 10,000 Islands National Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand State Park, Collier-Seminole State Park, Jane's Scenic Drive, The Turner River Boardwalk, Big Cypress National Preserve, and less than an hour away, Shark Valley Visitors' Center.

Area Activities

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Swamp Walk

Have you heard about the gators and snakes? They're roaming the Everglades, but in winter are not very aggressive and try their best to avoid confrontations with people. Hence, guided swamp walks like this into the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve and State Park are popular. Wear old boots and follow the leaders, usually wildlife biologists or other experts, as they explain the intricacies of the Everglades.

Seafood FestivalT

Every February Everglades City hosts its annual seafood festival. It includes prominent bands, dozens of seafood establishments and restaurants serving up their signature dishes, scores of craft booths, and thousands of people. It's three-day event that attracts people from far and wide.

Area Churches

Probably the most popular church for ORA members is Everglades Community Church four miles up the road at the traffic circle in Everglades City.


Other churches include:


  • Everglades First Baptist Church on Datura St., Everglades City.

  • Holy Family Catholic Church on Datura St., Everglades City.

  • Chokoloskee Church of God, Mamie Street, Chokoloskee.




Nearby Nature Trails.

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Shark Valley, Corkscrew Swamp, Fakahatchee Strand, Jane's Way, and numerous roadside visitors' centers provide numerous adventures and fabulous birding. Gators hang out to warm themselves and are not aggressive during winter months. But, give them their space and treat them with respect. The Everglades National Park has five visitor centers including the Gulf Coast Visitor's Center in Everglades City. See Map.


The State provides Fakahatchee Strand State ParkCollier-Seminole State Park, Jane's Scenic Drive, and numerous parks. The Turner River Boardwalk, and numerous other public venues explore The Big Cypress National Preserve, Friends of Panthers at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and all these resources are within a short distance of ORA Chokoloskee.


One of finest visitor sites in all Florida is the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary west of Naples. An Audubom facility, Corkscrew has a spectacular 2.5-mile boardwalk snaking through several Everglades habitats.



Museum of the Everglades & Smallwood's Store Museum

One of the finest treats in the area is the Museum of the Everglades, located in what was once a laundry building serving the rich and famous. Today it is a compact, handsomely designed, and impressively comprehensive showcase of local history and culture.


The old Smallwood's Store Museum on Chokoloskee, another must see visit, is a relic of Chokoloskee's rough and tumble past, home of a famous murder richly described in Killing Mr. Watson, a novel by Peter Matthiessen.

Naples Arts, Shopping, and Entertainmentu

Naples, Florida, less than an hour away, offers a lively arts and music scene, shopping at all prices, excellent restaurants, lovely beaches, a fantastic zoo, first rate medical services, and a whole lot to do. 

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