At ORA Chokoloskee... Premier SW Florida RV Resort

Fabulous Weather at Northern Edge of Tropical Climate Zone


Chokoloskee enjoys warm winters with average January high temps of 81 f. and average lows of 54 f.  The average winter high temps here are 83 f. and lows of 56 f.


This is much warmer than central and northern Florida and very much warmer than the popular Georgia and Carolina coastal areas or the Florida Panhandle to Texas Gulf coast areas.


Winter is the dry season in Chokoloskee, and that means sun and pleasant, dry weather almost every day​. In summer temperatures are much higher, and wetter with monsoonal rains in a true tropical climate. Highs in July and August average 95 f. with afternoon rains that cool things down for nightime lows in the mid-70s.


Chokoloskee is right on the border of two climate regions, tropical and sub-tropical and thus enjoys the best of both worlds.


The vast majority of lot owners at ORA spend winters here to escape brutal northern winters. Many arrive in January and leave at the end of March. But many owners stay longer, enjoying the shoulder seasons of November and December and/or staying into April and May.


Average highs in November are 86 f., in December 82 f. and in April 88 f. and May 91 f.


Typically, the rains begin to increase in mid-to-late May and recede in early to mid-October. The true rainy season extends from June to September, averaging over 8 inches a month. 


A small core of ORA residents stay year-round, enjoying the peace and quiet of summer.